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I've got a Hankering for Road Life

Friends around the country - we have some travel ahead of us. Here's a taste. Don't be shy - Let us know where you would like to see us next! For that matter, feel free to reach out anytime.

Musicians - The Worst Advice You'll Ever Hate #32DaysOnTheRoad

I'm a cheerleader, believer and I like to help people. So when people ask me for help I want to help - whether its through encouragement, a hug, advice. I love to see self-motivated people overcome, pursue a dream and beat the odds. I am asked for help on a regular basis with this: "I want to tour. How can I tour? How do you tour? Can I tour with you"? Etc. I find it amazing that people ask ME for advice in this area. I assume it is because we spend a lot to time on the glamorous road. Sometimes, after offering initial guidance, I never hear back from that person again let alone see them. Let me tell you, that hurts, bro.... I can only surmise my recommendations, or guidance was not to thei

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