32 Days on the Road - Lets talk about Sex

Disclaimer: the following is not intended to diagnose or cure any personal problems and is intended for your boredom only. I urge all of you to seek professional help for what ails you. **************************************************************************************** Its been a while since my last post regarding road life. Primarily because I've been engaged in, well.....road life and home life. We've been all over the map and back and planning for more. While I have enjoyed some amazing sights, hikes and good company from north to south recently that I'd like to share with you all, right now I'm inspired to write a bit more on the logistics of road life and being a musician/artist. I

Merch Sale and Mitten Shows

Merch Sale! All of July we are offering free shipping on shirts ordered through our shop here on the website. You asked and we are happy to oblige. We are home in Michigan for the month and happy to ship out to you with lots of love, and a handwritten note if you like. Please enter the discount code JWHD2019 at check out for FREE SHIPPING. While we are happy to get a little break and sleep in our own bed for a while, we do have lots of shows - 18 to choose from in Michigan from Grosse Pointe to Elberta in July - primarily as a duo. Please make sure to say HEYA at an event. We would love to catch up to you. Sometimes it seems impossible but we are doing our best to catch up on personal AND bu

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