Jennifer's Favorite Things

Oprah does it... and now I'm doing it. If you don't have the cash to spend $130 on a bargain pair of pajamas (who needs pajamas) or a $70 mail order crumb cake for holiday entertaining, here's a list of things for the rest of us I am endorsing as great Christmas gifts from Detroit and around the country! FOR FOODIES and BOOZIES! Porkosaurus BBQ Rub!!! Our friends on the highly acclaimed, award winning BBQ team Porkosaurus out of Memphis now offer their championship rub for sale online - $20 for almost 2 pounds and Amazon is offering free shipping on orders of $25 that includes this awesomely delicious rub. How do I know its delicious? I use it on veggies, pork, meat, and even fish, have spr


Check out the new old Bowlero Lounge with us! True story - when I was a little girl I spent a lot of time in Bowling Alleys with my dad. He’d give me a bunch of quarters and Instead of video games, I’d sometimes sneak into the bar, put my money in the juke box and sing and dance. The distinguished old men - aka - retiree day drinkers would give me more money for the jukebox. Everybody knew my dad, life was great and I just knew one day I’d hit it big and somebody would give me a 50 dollar bill. Who knows... my dream may come true!

A little what's what for the remainder of 2019

2020 is closing in quick! I'm looking outside my window at at least 5 inches of snow as we speak. Already ready for some warm weather travels but we are also glad to be spending time with family in the Motor City for the holiday season. The wind down begins tomorrow with our last show with Jennifer Westwood and the Handsome Devils for 2019! Tuesday doesn't get enough attention so we will be making our debut at O'malleys - Supper, Sprits, and Song, in Livonia, Michigan 7-10 tomorrow! Dylan and I have several acoustic/electric shows coming up in the region that we are really looking forward to as well, including a holiday dinner and "Jennifer Westwood, Dylan Dunbar and Friends" this weekend in

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