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August 17, 2016

Summer has been amazing, taking us across the midwest, great plains, the rockies, the south and deep into the heart of Texas! It goes without saying we met some great people at shows, and played some cool rooms. We saw some beautiful sights - I've posted a few below. AND, so very importantly, we have returned home to the Mitten state with a new addition! White Lightening joined our family in Fort Worth, TX on July 17th.

We had many good suggestions for names on Facebook, including my personal favorites Betty White and The Great White Hope. I did my best to take it to a vote but a certain guitarist/tour van driver used his veto power. In my heart she will always be Betty... A nickname perhaps. 

Some of you know that our old vehicle, Big Red, was well beyond retirement years. He se...

April 30, 2016

April began for us with shows in beautiful Louisiana, Alabama, Kentucky, Illinois and throughout the midwest. And it ended last night with the surprise of learning we have won Detroit Music Awards for outstanding group and vocalist!


We want to thank everyone that voted for us. We love Detroit and are super happy to be home for one of the most beautiful times of the year in the Mitten State and it is an honor to be recognized by our home city! THANK YOU! We look forward to spending time with friends before we hit the road again in June! 


For May, we are busting our butts, working to make money to invest in the future. Number one on the agenda is upgrading our tour vehicle once again. We've put over 60,000 miles on our van since August. Its been reliable and got us where we needed to go. Now its tim...

March 5, 2016

A year and a half ago, Jennifer Westwood and the Handsome Devils released an unmastered EP. We held a small release party on a Wednesday night at a Detroit speakeasy. We were honored to have in attendance Luis Resto, known most widely for extensive work with Eminem (co-writer on the Oscar winning song "Lose Yourself"), as well as The Highwaymen (yes.. THAT Highwaymen), Patti Smith, Anita Baker, Was (Not Was), and a laundry list of other amazing talent. 

Also in attendance were Johnny Badanjek (Mitch Ryder, The Rockets, etc), Mary Cobra (Detroit Cobras), producer Al Sutton (Kid Rock) and other respected music industry friends from the Detroit area. To have this type of support is something we treasure.

A Little History ---

The reason we released an unmastered EP and held a party was to...

February 24, 2016

This weekend in Southeast Michigan we are hosting a Johnny Cash birthday bash! Jennifer Westwood and the Handsome Devils, along with the Handy Award-Winning Chef Chris (Nairobi Trio, Rumpshakers) and Jim Edwards, (vocalist for the Rockets), along with other VIP's in Detroit music will be joining us for compelling night of music in honor of the Man in Black.


If you want to make a table reservation for this Saturday, call (734) 522-7744. We look forward to seeing you!



February 19, 2016

Well we've been home for a few days, paying bills, catching up with family and friends and its been great. It would be wrong for us not to take the chance to thank all our friends, family and fans that came out to see us and took good care of us in Texas and Florida. 


Our San Angelo family was so wonderful, we decided to do a monthlong Texas residency again this summer because we just can't stay away :D And thank you to our friends from all over the country that met us in Miami, Tampa, Orlando and Jacksonville; thank you for opening your beautiful homes to us, thank you to the folks at WMNF and Skippers that believed in us enough to have us on their most important show of the year. The familiar faces we saw wearing our shirts (and Detroit shirts in our honor) front and center... Fantastic. We love...

February 12, 2016

Detroit! We are looking forward to seeing you next week. Its been 6 long weeks since we left town and headed south. We have two more shows left, Orlando tonight and a sold out show in Tampa on Saturday. Next Friday we will be at Renegade's on Detroit's west side for our homecoming show! We are excited to see you, share a hug and refuel before we head out to Illinois at morning's light! If you would like to make a table reservation, please call Renegade's at (734) 522-7744.