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November 13, 2017

One of the biggest challenges of being on the road is eating healthy. Budgeting, goes hand in hand with that. Living large on tour can set you back or put the brakes on things. You can't spend like its a vacation if you have bills to pay (newsflash - we are not the Rolling Stones). And eating fatty, sugary, nutrient devoid junk food every day isn't only a bad idea, it's a recipe for disaster when combined with sedentary days, irregular sleep, and alcohol that flows like the mighty Mississippi at night. Diet restrictions complicate things, and a vegetarian diet is next to impossible unless you rely on processed foods. Self-control and discipline are paramount.

Beignets and Cafe Au Lait at Cafe Du Monde in New Orleans - an affordable splurge we've been lucky to expe...

November 6, 2017

5 shows in the span of 5 days, 1500 miles and 26 hours in a van. Breaking it down like that, it doesn't sound unmanageable - an average of 300 miles a day. In an ideal world we would drive half the distance or teleport to as many great venues. Six hundred miles of it wouldn't be gig to gig. And we would not be waving at the beach in Miami as we drive by before doubling back to New Orleans. Routing can at times be a tricky thing; in the end you do what is most worthwhile and grab all the adventure you can get. In any case, there's always a lot of time to fill in the van.

--White Lightening aka Betty White--

We are fortunate to have a 13 passenger van - one of the best investments we've ever made. It has two bench seats, so two people can lay back to sleep...

November 2, 2017

I know we left off in Alexandria, Louisiana. Day 11ish? Its easy to lose track of time on tour. More so as days go by and you're in a different town each night. Of course, we have to stay on top of things due to a tight schedule and being accountable to a lot of people. "Google calendar is our best friend on the road", said no rockstar ever. But its true if you are a humble DIY performer.

An average day involves getting up between 6am and 9am for Dylan and I - depending on our next load in destination and time. Typically, we are back at a hotel between midnight and 3am. The exception is a glorious early show and I am in bed by 11.  We fit this in between sleeps:

* Wake, eat, and shower if time allows. I do my hair maybe and/or work 

* 3...

October 26, 2017

Its just recently that I feel comfortable taking a couple days off a week with the band while on the road. Anything can happen, something often does, and that one extra show can sometimes make all the difference. With a ton of overhead I prefer to know we have some buffer even with the best of luck and planning. At times the pressure has been incredible to book and map out a tour with good shows that will cover pay and expenses, not completely wear everyone out, and not end up in the hole.

In the past, we left for tour with little more than enough to pay our monthly bills in the bank, a couple credit cards, and a questionable vehicle. Our cost of living back home for Dylan and I is minimal, which helps (we have worked hard on that). Being an independent artist on the road, or even a signe...

October 24, 2017

Hey, friends! I just thought I'd update everyone that hasn't been on our tour route about what we've been up to on this month! It has been a great time of music and friends, if not a complete whirlwind. Today is actually day 25 on the road, enjoying this van/tour life. 

Things started off in Michigan way back on September 29th (although planning started months before of course). We picked up our merch and lovingly packed up the drum kit that was gifted to us by friends (below), packed a few carry-ons, a lunch cooler and a laptop and loaded the van. Dylan and I did a little bon-voyage acoustic show that night and sold Koozies to raise money for hurricane Harvey victims, which we gave to friends in San Angelo, TX.  They are putting the money to good use with no middle man in the Port Aransas area. Th...

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